Are male traders more successful in Forex?

When the world is marching towards equity, currency trading is ruled by male investors. There are many studies about this market and most studies concluded there is a minority of female investors. This raises the question of whether the male is performing expected than the female counterparts. While the resources are not geared towards this concept, knowing the solution is important. The world’s half of the population is female and they are not participating in this liquid industry. The more customers participate, the more chance an individual has to make money. In this article, we are going to explain this phenomenon and comprehend whether males are more successful than women?

Gender has no role in determining the success

We want the investors to know that this profession is skill-based. There is no luck and a person could only make money by practicing in the demo account. Many myths exist which convinces the community to believe in favorable trend. If there is favorable volatility, people will keep investing. This makes them lose their fund and they can never achieve the goals. The industry cannot identify whether a male or female trader is placing an order. What is transferred through the terminal are decisions made by the individual.

Gender is not relevant and if the decision is right, the money will be rewarded. There are no histories that show women are inferior as investors in Forex. The reason this sector is popular is for the chance to make money. Every person around the world has the chance to make a fortune. For instance, think about the retail traders at Saxo capital markets. You will find both male and female traders are doing well as they know the proper way to execute the trade. So, skill is the most important determinant to execute the trades.

Why are there so few women investors then?

In traditional society, females are seen to do household chores. They are the best thought in these roles and never played important contributions in finance. The males are thought to be the income makers who make the decisions. This tradition has been followed for ages and this is why a minority of female investors are found. If we ask you to name successful traders, all the names will be male. Most investors don’t know the name of female traders who are trading successfully. The brokers are also responsible for not making this sector woman-friendly. They never offer any special bonuses for women which would have gained the attractions. When all the professions in the world are trying to make women inclusive, Forex is not taking steps.

Successful female traders

Do you know the person who is behind the founding of the popular trading website DailyFX? We can understand many people will be surprised when they know it was a woman who helped this website to introduce finance. The person is Kathy Lien, then 23 years old female who made her debut after developing a career in Wall Street. She is known as the “Fundamental Guru” with knowledge of diverse currencies. And by now, her website is providing in-depth market analysis on regular basis.

Commodity trading is risky because of high volatility. What if we tell you the authority on this aspect is a female named Linda Bradford Raschke. A prolific investor Linda has appeared on Bloomberg and has mentored professionals from over 20 countries. This is a testament to what a person do even if she is a female.

A female investor has managed to get covered in Forbes “30 under 30 in Finance”. This is Lucy Baldwin one of the individuals who was Managing Director of Goldman Sachs. If that is not aspiring, we don’t know what would make the female investors want to take on this industry.

Every person can become successful in Forex if they are determined. We are focused on finding professionals but never understand the women who are making a fortune.

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