Best Credit card machine for phone in 2021

These are machines used to collect cash from customers who make their payments using debit or credit cards. In this digital era, most customers do not carry physical cash around. Mobile credit cards are the in thing for anyone doing business.

In this article, we will focus on the features to look out for when getting a credit card machine. We will also review some of the best credit card machine in the market today.

Factors to consider when looking for a credit card machine

  • Compatibility with your processor

Ensure that your credit card machine for phone is compatible with the processor.

  • Connectivity options

The level of connectivity is important in processing payments in your business. You should consider a machine that can send transactions over the internet to your processor.

  • EBT payment support

Get a device that can manage electronic benefits transfer payments. This is mostly used in general and grocery stores.

  • Receipt printer

Look for a device that has a reliable built-in printer. This will help in printing receipts for customers at the point of sale.

What are the best credit card machines for phone?

  1. Square

It has a square mobile and reader app for both android and iOS. You are given a card swipe reader for free making it an ideal credit card machine for phones

As for their pricing, you pay a monthly subscription and a flat fee of 2.75% for your credit card transactions. American Express is one of their major credit cards.

  1. Shopify

It is best for upcoming businesses as it offers in-person sales remedies. You can sell products and process payments with their robust online store, mobile card readers and mobile app.

Their monthly Basic plan goes for $29. This accommodates retail report and shipping label support. Their customer support is all-round the clock and can with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  1. PayAnywhere

This is a free credit card machine. They only have a pay as you go schedule for 2.69% per transaction. Some of its capabilities include; multilingual customer support, online resources, customer purchase reporting, stock management and personalized receipts. All this is done at no extra fee.

  1. Magstrip card reader and QuickBooks Chip

This is the best phone card reader for businesses that are already using QuickBooks accounting software. It allows you to track and accept any kind of payment through their mobile application.

  1. PayPal Swipe and Chip reader

When it comes to hardware, it is one of the best credit card machine reader. It takes into consideration different types of payment that is next-day funding and checks. They have a Bluetooth-enabled PayPal Mobile credit card processor. This gives you the flexibility to take payments from anywhere.

  1. SumUp Plus Card Reader

This is a great solution for businesses with small transactions. It has an upfront fee of $19. It accepts mobile wallets, magnetic stripe cards, NFC (contactless) and EMV (chip).

The Takeaway

These are just but a few best card credit card machine for your phone. Look for what suites your needs and purchase it.

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