Blockchain E-commerce Trends for 2021

In the last few decades, eCommerce is developing further, and its popularity is growing day by day. Blockchain is the key. It enables storing transaction details and makes them much faster. Because of the competition, higher advertising rates, and this new way of shopping, maybe you should try to keep up with some of the excellent blockchain eCommerce technology trends for 2021: 

  • Voice Search 

This trend could be significant, especially if you are busy. With this trend, you could order anything from using your voice assistant. If you don’t have enough time to make a shopping list or save time on entering shipping and payment information, all you need to do is order it by voice command. This way, you can order food or anything you want. 

  • Mobile Shopping 

Maybe the best trend is the possibility to enable mobile shopping. Nowadays, people are very busy, and they are usually shopping on the move. With that in mind, you should build your site with a robust responsive design or a progressive web app(PWA), which could help you to create web applications. With this, customers will be able to shop on their phones easily. 

  • Make A Video 

Every digital marketing agency can confirm that if you make an interesting video and post it on your homepage, your sales will definitely increase. Why? Well, people love to see a short video of your product in use. That is a great opportunity for them to learn something about your company and services, and the first thing they will remember. 


These were our top three eCommerce trends for 2021 that will change the whole eCommerce. Follow some new trends and develop your business continually. Try to find out what pages your customers visit or watch some reviews. Find out what they actually want. That is the answer on how to progress. Is it going to replace the traditional way of shopping? Time will tell. All we can do is wait. 

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