The numbers reveal everything. Only in the US Federal Trade Commission data says that Coronavirus scams cost American citizens up to $13 million just in 2020. Furthermore, Google blocked more than $10 million phishing accounts in 2021. The owners of these accounts tried to steal personal information and money from the American citizens offering them bogus treatments.

Besides, the increasing number of scam websites represents a real threat in the midst of a health crisis. Via these websites, the actors and creators steal personal information, credit card numbers and so on. There are more than 40 000 domain names with Corona or Covid names in them. Americans have been conned off for nearly 20 billion just for trusting these medical scams. Up scammers’ sleeves, there is always another way to trick you. There is an absolute need to spot them, protect yourself and stay away from these con artists.

Most common Corona time scams

Saliva from Corona survivors

This is one of the most obscure ways to treat the Covid. You can find it on the Dark web, but this miracle treatment doesn’t do anything to your immune system regarding the Coronavirus.

Expedited stimulus check

The government has issued stimulus checks, and you are impatient to receive them. On the other side, some people are trying to convince you that they can speed up the procedure in many ways. Or give you the opportunity to increase the amount on your checks by sending you phishing emails. Beware since no way your stimulus check is in your email.

Miraculous cures

From Ivermectin to corona survivor saliva, we have witnessed miraculous cures of all colours these years. To avoid the vaccine may have looked for alternative ways, and their way of thinking is paying off now. Ignore quacks who believe some miraculous herbs can better your health if you feel sick. Go straight to your doctor and no one else.

No risk investments and fraudulent patents

Investors are particularly at risk since they need to do overall research for whatever offer they have. The Omri Shafran case makes everyone on alert these days. Imagine you want to push some projects, make money with it, and end up as a scam and fraudulent patent or medical treatment. It sucks a lot!

Stay on alert with ake charities

When various groups of people are in real difficulties, some more than others, scammers are making a profit from it. They approach you in disguise of charities with completely decent websites, correctly written email, and an insidious plot. Beware of their sophisticated way to play on your emotions and readiness to help people. Rely on approved organizations and locally recognized charities—everything double check before you decide to help some charity.

In Conclusion

We are aware that the threats of scammers these days are on the rise. According to the previously mentioned numbers, the situation is bad. Many innocent people, investors, patients, and charity donors are dazzled. Hence the need for additional vigilance to protect yourself, your loved ones and your finances.