How to get a credit card in minutes!

A credit card can be either a useful tool or a sharp weapon. If used responsibly, a credit card can help in managing your monthly cash flow and track expenses. As credit cards have grace periods, using a credit card is completely free as long as you pay back all the charges incurred every month. Even if you have less than a perfect credit and would like to have a credit card, you can apply for a credit card through the First Premier Bank application online.

An adult with a steady job and an income who has a record of making all payments on time can apply for a credit card. Make use of the First Premier Bank application and apply for a credit card online. The bank responds to the online application in as little as 60 seconds! If approved, your credit limit will be determined based on the creditworthiness.

Applying for a credit card is not a difficult process. With the First Premier Bank application online, you can get a credit card at the earliest. The bank will inform you of the status within minutes of applying. However, remember that it is of utmost importance to only apply for one credit card at a time. If you apply for multiple credit cards in a day, your credit score may suffer.

Basic requirements to get a credit card

The following are some essential basic requirements when applying for a First Premier Bank credit card:

  • The individual should be 21 years old or at least 18 years old who needs parents’ permission or should have a verifiable source of income. The Card act of 2009 prevents banks from certain dangerous practices such as providing credit products to young adults without an income to repay the amount.
  • A social security number is required to establish a credit history. Non-citizens without a social security number are not likely to get a credit card.
  • Have a genuine and legal source of income. First Premier Bank application for a credit card will ask for estimated monthly income. It is one of the many factors using which banks can determine whether the credit card needs to be approved or not.
  • Have a positive credit history. Most cards offered by The First Premier Bank are designed for fair credit. Obtaining such cards can be a good way to continue building a credit history. Just fill up an application for a credit card and enjoy all the benefits of being a credit card owner!

 Tips for getting your credit card approved

  • Don’t apply for many cards all together
  • Know the credit reports well
  • Apply for a credit card that fits the credit score
  • Make sure to pay all the bills on time
  • Keep a watch on the debt-to-limit ratio
  • Be consistent in making payments
  • Apply for a secured card to build a credit history
  • If there is no credit or bad credit, find a co-signer
  • Applicants with a lengthier credit history have a better chance of getting approval
  • Apply at the bank of an individual or credit union where there is a checking or savings account

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