Video Brochures Excel At Promoting Hotel and Resort Destinations

Despite COVID-19 still being a major concern, hotel and resort destinations are in high demand. People love entertainment. They also love vacations and are willing to pay good money to go on them. With so much revenue available, video-enabled printed media helps companies in the hospitality industry like SBE Entertainment Group outshine their competitors.

The Current Status Of The Hospitality Industry

With vaccines now widely available, the hospitality industry is rebounding. For instance, our nation’s biggest airlines are now offering as many seats as they did during pre-pandemic July of 2019. This is largely due to consumers feeling desperate to resume traveling. Also, new hotels are opening and many of the surviving restaurants are reporting pre-pandemic sales.

With that said, clearly the good news is that sales are climbing back out of a hole. Restaurants are getting more foot traffic, and we’re seeing travel pick back up as people take advantage of their opportunities to go places once again. What will make it even better is that international visitors are now being allowed into the United States, which is even more good news for restaurants and hotels.

However, despite these improvements, is it where it needs to be? No, not yet. There is also a lot of debate among hotel executives about when business travel will pick back up, which may not be until the second or third quarter of 2022. Furthermore, new versions of the Coronavirus, like the Delta Variant, are causing additional concerns.

With those points in mind, here is how Video Brochures help hotel and resort destinations outshine their competitors.

How Video Brochures Help Hotel and Resort Destinations

Some of the major benefits of using Video Brochures are that they’re versatile and engaging. They show real life images in videos of what travelers want to learn. They also arouse emotions, which increases enthusiasm for going and doing things. Plus, they’re easy for users to distribute, and they draw an excellent response. For those reasons alone, they’re a perfect match for how much companies need a solid return on their marketing investments.

With decision-makers in mind, another benefit is that they make it easier for them to share information with others who influence their decisions. For instance, imagine how much easier it would be to entice someone into going somewhere if you could show them a video of how great it would feel to be there? Also, if it helps you to learn their safety and sanitation protocols, that might increase your desire to go as well.

Furthermore, videos in Video Brochures create a connection between businesses and consumers that motionless images and text simply cannot. They bring people, places and things to life. They put a face to a name and a voice to a description like TV commercials have been doing for decades. Fortunately, Video Brochures cost much less, and ROI with them is outstanding because of it.

For those reasons, many companies who use Video Brochures believe they provide a marketing strategy that is practically unbeatable. Executives are often ready to meet or make purchases soon after watching them. Salespeople tend to get much better at their jobs when they use them. And rarely ever has there been a sales or marketing tool that has been more interesting to prospective customers.

Why Video Brochures Are An Excellent Investment

One of the reasons Video Brochures are highly effective is because people respond favorably to videos. Consumers appreciate when they’re available, and executives seek them out when looking for ways to improve their companies. Because of this, videos provide one of the most versatile and profitable communication strategies companies can use.

With that in mind, rather than companies continuing to spend money on antiquated sales and marketing strategies, we suggest they modernize their tactics and switch to Video Marketing Products. While traditional business cards, flyers and paper brochures just don’t seem to work as well anymore, products like Video Brochures are highly effective. Plus, changing with the times is a wise business decision, and return on investment with them is typically very high.

In a nutshell, Video Brochures provide an appealing way to attract clients and get information across smoothly and effectively. For viewers, they’re like holding TV commercials in their hands, only they cost much less. For users, they produce the kind of results most have desired from their advertising and marketing expenses all along.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can benefit from how effectively they promote hotel and resort destinations, or to get a Free Sample, contact us today.

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